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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Using your ticket

How to use my ticket? - If you purchased an electronic ticket, you will receive an email with your ticket in PDF format. / Can I use a copy/notarially attested copy of my passport to board the train?

When will my tickets be issued? - If you book a ticket within a 89 days time frame, we will need 1 business day to process your order and issue a ticket. If you make a reservation more than 89 days before departure, we will send you the ticket as soon as it is available.

What is considered to be a modification? - Any change to issued tickets, including change of trains, seat classes, names or travel dates, is considered a modification and subject to a modification fee according to the selected fare.

Can I cancel my e-ticket? - Cancellation instructions and terms will guide you through the entire process of canceling train tickets purchased through

Information on how to download and open train tickets booked at At present, other than the former Soviet countries mentioned in the e-ticket section, you will need a paper ticket for all international routes bound for Russia.

Can I pay for the ticket with another person’s credit card (my father’s, mother’s, husband’s etc.)? - Surely, you can, unless the transaction is authorised by the card-holder. Please, be informed that in this case we might ask for the documents to verify the transaction.

Each St. Petersburg station services a particular route. This scheme helps you understand what St. Petersburg railway station you need to go to.

Map of Moscow Stations. Each Moscow station services a particular route. This scheme helps you understand what Moscow railway station you need to go to.

Is there an equivalent to “Rail Pass”? - There is no equivalent to “Rail Pass” in Russia. If you are going to have a multi-leg trip, you should buy separate tickets for each leg.

Can I place an order without all travelers’ details given? - It is possible to complete your booking process by selecting an option of providing passenger details later.