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Trains from Moscow to Tolyatti

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Railroad route Moscow - Tolyatti overview

Train from Moscow to Tolyatti depart 1 time a day. Departure of the train a day - at 17:08. Travel time between Moscow and Tolyatti takes from 16h 48min. Train tickets from Moscow to Tolyatti cost from 112 USD to 158 USD, depending on a ticket category, date of travel and additional services.

On this page we have collected all the important, useful and relevant information about the railway and trains between Moscow and Tolyatti: train schedules, train types, travel time, ticket classes and prices, main trains on a route, recommended trains, answers to frequently asked questions and traveler reviews.

  • The relevance of the information on this page is October 2022.

Departure and Arrival stations

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Complete schedule of trains from Moscow to Tolyatti

Departure time Arrival time Travel time Train Train category Price from
17:08 09:56 16h 48min 066Й Regular Train 32 USD

Frequently Asked Questions about trains between Moscow and Tolyatti

Yes there are direct trains departing from and arriving to . Trains depart 1 time a day.

Trains from Moscow to Tolyatti depart from and arrive to .

The fastest train is 066Й , departing at 17:08 from Kazanskiy Railway station and arriving to Tolyatti. Travel time of the fastest train 066Й - 16h 48min. Tickets cost from 32 USD.

The cheapest train is 066Й , departing at 17:08 from Kazanskiy Railway station, traveling for 16h 48min and arriving to Tolyatti at 09:56. Tickets for this train cost from 32 USD.

Travel time between Moscow and Tolyatti takes from 16h 48min to 16h 48min, depending on a train and date.


Trains from Moscow to Tolyatti depart from . The first train a day departs at 17:08.

Trains from Moscow to Tolyatti arrive to .

Train tickets from Moscow to Tolyatti usually cost from 112 USD to 158 USD per passenger depending on a train, ticket class and date of travel.

Ticket fares for Moscow to Tolyatti train tickets are regulated by a dynamic pricing system. The main principle can be formulated as follows: the higher the demand and the fewer the seats, the higher the ticket price. We recommend booking 2-3 months in advance, in this case you are able to catch the best fares, starting from 112 USD per passenger, which is not available a few days before the departure.

Yes, you can buy tickets online on our website.

Yes, trains in Russia are safe and convenient. You can travel from Moscow to Tolyatti by train without any problems.

In rare cases, there really are changes in the schedule: changing the departure time, canceling trains, launching additional trains, but in most of cases this schedule is accurate. In all situations, we urge you to build your plans based on a real schedule for a specific date, and not on an approximate generalized schedule

Between Moscow and Tolyatti there is only one train. Therefore, you should choose the desired date, and then buy tickets of the desired category

Train categories on a route between Moscow and Tolyatti

Regular Trains

Regular Train is historically the first class of trains, nowadays is the most common type of train in Russia that can take you to almost everywhere, slow and reliable. Such trains run at a speed of about 60-80 km/h and make stops at all (or most) stations on their route. Stops can be either for 1-5 minutes, or for 20-30 and even for an hour and a half. Check the train route and duration of stops using the ROUTE button next to each train.

Regular Trains between Moscow and Tolyatti depart 1 time a day, covering the whole route from 16h 42min to 16h 58min.

Regular Trains between Moscow and Tolyatti have the following numbers: 066Й

Interesting fact: at long stops, passengers of Regular Trains often go to the platform and buy traditional pies or local crafts from Babushkas on the platform.
Important: at stops, do not go far from the train! You may not notice the train departing and your personal belongings will go on a trip without you, and you can stay at this station for several hours or even days. Your ticket will not be valid for traveling on the next train and you will have to buy a new ticket at the box office of this station. The staff does not speak any language other than Russian.

Tickets for the Regular Train are usually cheaper (compared to other classes of trains or plane tickets). Regular Train on the route from Moscow to Tolyatti have the following ticket classes:

  • Sitting (Basic) - from 32 USD
  • 3-сl. open sleeping - from 50 USD
  • 2-сl. sleeping compt. - from 112 USD
  • 1-сl. sleeping compt. - from 158 USD

Departure time Arrival time Travel time Train Price from
17:08 09:56 16h 48min 066Й 32 USD

Classes of tickets on trains between Moscow and Tolyatti

1-сl. sleeping compt.

Air-conditioned compartment with two comfortable beds. Bed linen is included. Depending on the type of the carriage, meal-set, travel-kit, TV, newspapers might be availiable.

2-сl. sleeping compt.

2-class is one of the most popular type of the compartment due to the best correlation of price and comfort. The air-conditioned compartment are equipped with four comfortable beds. Bed linen is included. Depending on the carriage, meal, travel-kit, TV, newspapers might be availiable.

3-сl. open sleeping

3-Class Open Sleeping also known as "Platzkart" or "Hostel Sleeping", the open type carriage with couchettes, is one of the cheapest options to travel by rail. The Plazlkart is rather comfortable and gives an opportunity to travel in a big company, mix with locals and chat with neighbours all the time.

Sitting (Basic)

Carriage with open seating area, used for relatively short journeys. This may include plaid, newspaper, meal, travel kit and air conditioning.

Recommended trains

Recommended train between Moscow and Tolyatti

Between Moscow and Tolyatti there is only one direct train, so we recommend it:

066Й,   Regular Train
Departing from Moscow at 17:08 - arriving at Tolyatti at 09:56
Travel Time - 16h 48min

Ticket classes:

Sitting (Basic) - from 32 USD
3-сl. open sleeping - from 50 USD
2-сl. sleeping compt. - from 112 USD
1-сl. sleeping compt. - from 158 USD

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